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In-person Workshops


Saturday, 24th February

11am - 1pm

St. Margaret's House

21 Old Ford Road

London E2 9PL


No cancellations are available. Transferring your booking to another person is possible.

You will receive an email with all the essential details (and the exact location) after your booking.

"Vocal Improvisation in Motion"

In this group workshop, we focus on listening, voicing, sounding, and creating. We will work with the elements of improvised singing, including melody, harmony, vocal percussion, text and pulse, in an atmosphere of safety and support. This workshop will guide you into the world of silence, imagination, and inspiration, and explore the interaction between sound, space, and the body.

The unique acoustics of the hall will play an important role in our music making. You will be surprised at how glorious it all sounds and feels.

Using words, imagination, sounding, listening, clapping, voicing, stomping, breathing, and moving, we create songs that have never been sung and cannot be repeated.

All welcome to explore the intuitive approach to music.

  Wear comfortable clothes and bring with you: a bottle of water, some extra clothes (it might get colder)


🌱 Circle Singing/Vocal Improvisation is valuable whether you are a professional singer yearning to deepen your creative intuition or someone longing to bring out the inner singer that lives inside you.

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Run by Michaela

"Hi. I am Michaela. I am passionate about creating and singing with others. That is why I set up Circle Singing London 10 years ago. Come and join our circle. It would be wonderful to have you. Please also feel free to visit my website to learn more about my work:

"Improvisation is the expression of the accumulated yearnings, dreams and wisdom of the soul." --- Yehudi Menuhin

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