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What to expect

"When we circle sing, we get away from the written pages. We have to listen — to ourselves and others — as we respond, in real time, to the music being created. We tap into our instincts and intuition while putting aside any planning or judgment. This process builds community as we learn to lead, follow and integrate our ideas."

Circle Singing London is different from a traditional choir.

We gather in a circle and start with body, breath and voice warm-ups. Then, we continue with an exploration of a basic improvisation vocabulary. We gradually move from silence, listening, toning, exploring rhythms and vocal creativity of the group towards guided vocal sound exercises, sound bathing and circle singing. You will learn tools to create music on the spot while collaborating with others. We learn to trust that everything we need is already here, waiting to be discovered.


It is a healing and creative experience.


There is no previous experience required at all.

✨ In their words:


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Circle Singing gives an opportunity to:

* Explore your voice

* Create and maintain rhythm

* Explore vocal percussion

* Explore vocal pitch, volume, tone and tempo

* Release tension and stress

* Listen and feel united with the group

* Increase creativity and imagination

* See things from new perspectives and generate new ideas

* Develop confidence and self-awareness ...

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